Yee Sang

The higher you toss (lao) your yee sang, the further ahead you’ll go! LBS Bina Group wishes you an auspicious year ahead and wants you to prosper together with them, with fabulous lucky draw prizes worth RM1,500,000.

Siew Yoke

Siew yoke used to be roasted over high heat to get its crispy red skin, a sign of prosperity. Don’t forget to follow LBS Bina Group’s Instagram for the hottest giveaways, prizes, and fun surprises!

Black Vinegar Pork Trotters

Eating pork trotters in one big bite signifies you’ll receive ‘a windfall’ of blessings! Find out about what LBS Bina Group has in store for you this CNY, so you can fill your year with good things.


Chicken symbolises good luck and also represents loyalty. LBS Bina Group wants to thank every customer who has loyally supported them, and they even have something special for you!

Poon Choi (Prosperity Treasure Pot)

When you eat poon choi, your “pots and bowls will be full”, with no lack in the coming year. Keep the prosperity coming by choosing good unit at one of LBS Bina Group’s new projects!


Since the pronunciation of prawn and laughter (ha) in Cantonese are so similar, people say after eating prawn you’ll be laughing every day, just like after watching this hilarious CNY video!

Glutinous Rice Cake

Nian gao symbolises prosperity and family union. And there’s nothing that brings loved ones together like the warmth of a home, such as The Prestige Residence by LBS Bina Group.


In Chinese, the word fish (yú) sounds similar to the word surplus. This new year, LBS Bina Group is giving away extra huat ang pao worth up to RM348,888, so you can have a year of overabundance.