Need A Quick Recap Of Stranger Things?
Here Is A TL;DR Of How It All Turned Upside Down

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Watch out, Nerds.

Stranger Things 4 is almost here.
And it's looking rad to the max!

It's been a while since our last visit to the eerie Upside Down, so here’s a quick recap to jog your memory:


Next up: Characters

From fan favourites to others who’ve gone through impressive story arcs, here’s a look at the characters of the Stranger Things universe:
Stepsister of Billy Hargrove, girlfriend of Lucas Sinclair. Mourning the loss of her stepbrother.
New In Season 4
Peter Ballard
Jamie Campbell Bower
Eduardo Franco
Eddie Munson
Joseph Quinn
Jason Carver
Mason Dye
Nikola Djuricko
Victor Creel
Robert Englund
Tom Wlaschiha
Lt. Colonel Sullivan
Sherman Augustus

Next up: The Upside Down

All of Stranger Things' mysteries track back to the Upside Down, an alternate and parallel dimension that looks like Earth, but is completely devoid of human life. Instead, it is full of shadowy, terrifying creatures.

The whole area is also covered with tentacle-like vines, otherworldly cobwebs, slime-like goo, and bulbous spores, with an eerie darkness that permeates everything.

So far, several characters have made a trip to the Upside Down, or toured its tunnels.

The only way to access the Upside Down is to find a rift or make a gateway between the two parallel dimensions.

The gate can only be opened by a massive amount of power, which we saw when Eleven unintentionally used her powers at Hawkins Laboratory, and when Soviet scientists tried to forcefully do so using an electromagnetic drill under Starcourt Mall.

Next up: Locations

Stranger Things 4 will bring viewers on a spine-chilling journey, from familiar locations like Hawkins to mysterious, faraway destinations.

But if there’s one thing to know, it’s that all roads lead to the Upside Down.

The end begins in Stranger Things 4.
Only on Netflix.
Volume I, 27 May
Volume II, 1 July

In the meantime, brave the Upside Down right here in Malaysia at KL Tower and Kwai Chai Hong.

KL Tower
27th - 29th May 2022

Kwai Chai Hong
27th May - 12th June 2022

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