What Is Cold-Extracted Skincare & Is It Worth The Hype?

Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Published for NIVEA

First things first, have you heard of cold-extracted skincare?

Cold-pressed or cold-extracted skincare products extract nutrients from natural ingredients like plants and fruits without using heat or chemicals, allowing it to be more potent and effective

One of the most common skincare ingredients is vitamin C, which is undoubtedly a strong antioxidant nutrient that improves skin tone and helps with tissue repair. However, it is also a temperature-sensitive vitamin, which means it is easily oxidised and destroyed by high temperatures.

That’s why skincare companies like NIVEA have been using cold extraction to get the most out of vitamin C. Using a cold process prevents it from being broken or destroyed, and as a result, becomes more potent and effective.

Take a look at how the colour of vitamin C extract changes the more it’s exposed to heat:

Extracts like vitamin C will break down and oxidise with heat. But here's the thing, when vitamin C breaks down, not only does the colour change, it becomes less effective. That's why cold-extracted skincare products are becoming more popular.

Wondering what the cold extraction process actually looks like? Keep scrolling to get the machine running:

And there you have it, the natural ingredient’s extract!

It may seem like a tedious process, but there are good reasons why companies are coming out with cold-extracted skincare products.

⁠It eliminates chemical byproducts, keeps ingredients fresh and pure, and retains essential antioxidant benefits.

As the nutrients in these products are extracted without the use of heat and harsh chemicals, they are considered natural, and thus, more effective and gentle on your skin.

Vitamins and nutrients in cold-extracted skincare products are preserved in their natural state, which facilitates faster and easier absorption into the skin.

Looking to add cold-extracted vitamins skincare products to your skincare routine?

The NIVEA C&Hya Extra Bright Vitamin serum is definitely worth a try!

Using cold-extracted technology, the serum preserves the essential nutrients of ingredients, while ensuring stable quality to achieve maximum skin results without irritating the skin.

Here’s a closer look at the serum’s features:

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  • It’s concentrated with 500x vitamin C thanks to its cold-extracted technology*
  • It soothes 90% of tired skin, providing you with dewy, glowy skin in just three days**
  • It allows for deeper skin penetration with 3x molecular size hyaluron to hydrate every skin layer***
  • It keeps your skin looking bright and bouncy
  • It’s safe for the skin with 0% harmful ingredients

All in all, with cold-extracted vitamin C, the NIVEA C&Hya Extra Bright Vitamin C serum helps you get rid of dull and uneven skin tones, achieving soft, hydrated, glowing, and bouncy skin

The best part? It’s suitable for all skin types!

For the best results, use the full regimen with NIVEA C&Hya products.

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STEP 1 Start by applying the Extra Bright C&Hya Micellar Water to remove makeup, grime, and sebum on the face before cleansing.

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STEP 2 Follow with the C&Hya Extra Bright Vitamin Cleanser to deeply cleanse and hydrate the skin. It is proven to detox skin up to 94%.

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STEP 3 Apply the C&Hya Extra Bright Essence Water that deeply cleanses dirt and impurities deep within pores, so your skin feels clean and soft after use.

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STEP 4 Dab and massage your skin with the C&Hya Extra Bright Vitamin serum to intensively repair, brighten, and hydrate your skin.

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STEP 5 Finish off your day skincare routine with the C&Hya Extra Bright Vitamin Day Cream that helps protect natural skin tones from UV damage. At night, you can apply the C&Hya Extra Bright Vitamin Night Sleeping Gel that helps to restore skin radiance overnight and wake up with glowing and bouncy skin.

Ready to experience the effectiveness of cold-extracted skincare?

Get your hands on the full range of NIVEA Extra Bright C&Hya Vitamin products today at Watsons, Guardian, or NIVEA Official Store on Shopee


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*Compared with day cream in the same range
**Tested on 32 volunteers by Spincontrol Asia Co., Ltd., January - February 2022
***Refers to 3 types of Hyaluron which are Sodium Acetylated Hyaluronate, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Hydrolysed Sodium Hyaluronate