What’s The Most Wallet-Friendly Fibre Plan For You? Let’s Find Out

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Family on couch using devices

Did you know that Malaysia was ranked as one of the most connected countries in the world?

That’s right, according to a Proxyrack study, Malaysia is placed third in the world when it comes to connectivity, woah!

BTW, try guessing how many hours we spend online each day:

4 hours 6 hours 8 hours 10 hours

You’re correct!

We spend a third of our day on the Internet. In fact, Malaysians are on seven to eight social media platforms.


Whoops, you’re wrong.

We actually spend eight hours a day on the Internet. In fact, Malaysians are on seven to eight social media platforms.

As Malaysia's leading network provider, CelcomDigi strives to provide 5G for all, ultra-fast & stable home Internet connectivity solutions like fibre and 5G Home WiFi.

Besides that, they also offer a wide range of wallet-friendly plans for family & home of any sizes.

But have you ever wondered how much Internet data you actually need? Is your current plan enough, too little, or too much?

Don’t worry! Just answer a few questions, and we’ll help you figure it out:

Ready to reimagine your home with the best fibre experience, while enjoying extra savings?

CelcomDigi Fibre has got you covered!

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Check out CelcomDigi Fibre plans and a wide range of add-on deals below:

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CelcomDigi Fibre 300Mbps to 1Gbps

From RM97 average per month

Whether you’re staying with family or alone, CelcomDigi has a wide range of fibre plans for you!

Get six months FREE fibre (pay just RM97 average a month) when you pair your CelcomDigi Fibre plan with CelcomDigi Postpaid 5G or Celcom/Digi Postpaid plans. You can get savings of up to RM1,000, wooaahhh!

Psst... Save even more by adding on smart home, gaming, and entertainment devices or digital trust services to your CelcomDigi Fibre plan without breaking your bank! From only RM2 per day, you can now own your dream device or get protected online easily with bigger savings.

Family using devices on couch
Family using devices on couch
CelcomDigi Fibre-To-The-Room (FTTR)

Add on from RM60/month

Want to have ultra-fast fibre Internet in every room? Now, every room in the house will consistently have 1Gbps Internet coverage. Total connectivity with no blind spots!

Perfect for gamers, you can now transform your home into the ultimate gaming haven with ultra smooth, low latency Internet to slay every game with CelcomDigi Fibre-To-The-Room. Plus, add on a new NVIDIA gaming rig, limited edition gaming chairs, or ASUS and ROG gaming routers to complete the aesthetic!

*You’ll need to have a CelcomDigi Fibre plan of 300Mbps and above to get CelcomDigi Fibre-To-The-Room.

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CelcomDigi 5G Home WiFi

From RM99/month

Getting ultra-fast home Internet is quick and hassle-free with CelcomDigi 5G Home WiFi. You can either get it with a WiFi SIM or with a WiFi SIM and router (worth RM1,899).

This solution is suitable for students, those renting a unit, or for homes without fibre ports. It’s also portable and easy to move around. No hacking or installation needed — just unbox, plug in, and get instant 5G connectivity.

Plus, it can connect up to 30 devices at once, woah!

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Reimagine your home to be fully connected with CelcomDigi Fibre today!

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